Marin Headlands 2017

“From a decade of working together, I know Wai to be an effective change agent and an excellent executive coach. He thinks strategically and broadly. He is passionate but not fanatic. He is strong but not rude. He is open-minded but with self-confidence and principles.  Wai is simply a very good person.” – Patrick Y. Yang, PhD, retired EVP of Product Operations and member, Executive Committee at Genentech

“Wai was extremely helpful. Instead of reacting from meeting to meeting, now more often I’m seeing a more complete picture of the people and technology we’re developing together. That’s helping me make better decisions and lead more creatively (and less re-actively). I’d highly recommend working with Wai.” – Brian Strope, Sr. Staff Research Scientist, reporting to Ray Kurzweil in AI at Google

“Wai is great at coaching his clients to see and navigate the complex web of relationships with those in power higher up. Just as he says he does, he delivered. I find myself lucky to have had my coaching sessions with him.“ – Sherry Guo, Sr. Director at start-up SutroVax

“Wai is a pleasure:  insightful, communicative, and a great business partner.” – Robert Schueren, CEO at IntegenX

“As a scientific leader of oncologists and leader of a large biomedical team, I am as data-oriented as they come.  Wai has a way of making visible the invisible ‘data’ of interpersonal relationships and organizational dynamics.  I’m glad to have Wai by our side, as we strategized and then rolled out a successful major reorganization.  Don’t let him fool you with his humility.  Wai is thoughtful, innovative, and outstanding!” – Edith Perez, MD, Oncologist and Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic

“Wai is an excellent coach. He was instrumental in my own transformation. He has a unique perspective and brings both immense skill and heart to his coaching practice. I highly recommend him.” – Nina Khan, Global Director of Industry Sales at Intel

“Wai was an excellent coach, facilitator, and advisor to my digital marketing firm going through big waves of change. He brings a strong objective perspective, having consulted many organizations. He does not hesitate to challenge assumptions and ask the tough questions. We subsequently brought Wai to lead our executive team through two separate strategic planning sessions. “ – Amy Buckner Chowdry, CEO and Co-Founder of AnswerLabs

“I am better able to flex my leadership styles with ease, whereas in the past I might have felt uncomfortable.  Wai helped me become self-aware of my limitations and find ways to still impact the business.  With his coaching, I’m also much more aware of my strengths, getting the maximum effect with my words and actions.  These new habits instilled in me are what I use in my daily professional – and personal – life.  That was a bonus and much appreciated.  Thank you, Wai!” – Brian Blagg, Sr. Director of Engineering at Revance

“Wai is great!  He parachuted in as an external consultant, sitting on my senior leadership team, including four medical VPs and the Heads of Legal and Finance.  He quickly earned their and my trust and respect, especially facilitating us in succession planning. Wai was a great coach in supporting the development of my leaders, our team, and the entire organization.  I highly value Wai.” – Myriam Mendila, MD, Chief Medical Officer in Oncology at Novartis

“Wai helped break my barriers and gain awareness of the impact of my words and actions on others. The coaching served as a foundation on which I have built my personal and professional relationships through my career. The skills I learned have made me a better husband, a better friend, and a better colleague and leader.” – Omar Qureishi, Director of Sports Business Intelligence and Analytics at The Madison Square Garden Company

“As a result of Wai’s coaching, I have leveraged my relationships to get big things done, asked directly for what’s needed for my team, and advanced my career while serving my organization.  My reach is much wider now and I’m more strategic. Whereas an uncertain future in a seismically shifting space unsettled me in the past, I’m now positioned to seize opportunities.” – Nancy L. Brown, PhD, Investigator at Palo Alto Medical Foundation, an affiliate of Sutter Health

“Wai provided great partnership to me and my group of attorneys. He is a model of integrity and his best characteristics are almost too numerous to list, but I’ll try – calm, considerate, thoughtful, insightful, intelligent, articulate, modest, organized, warm, outgoing, open-minded, and kind. There’s more than I can list here … and it’s all good! Any organization would be most fortunate to count Wai amongst its senior management.” – Chris Yates, JD, former Director of Planned Giving at Stanford University, London School of Economics, and Caltech

“Wai’s contributions are immense.  He consulted leaders in my client groups during a critical six months.  He was especially adept at learning about a complicated business fast, asking insightful questions to earn their trust quickly, and partnering with them to facilitate a smooth reorg in an important and complicated area for the company.  I welcome the opportunity to partner with Wai again!” – Cori Davis, PhD, Sr. Director of HR for Commercial Sales and Marketing at Genentech

Monterey Dunes 2017