About Coaching

On the Silk Road in Central Asia 2011

When stepping into the unknown, have a trusted partner with you.

What is it like to be coached by Wai?

* Receive support:  Non-judgmental for risk-taking.
* Be challenged:  Tough at times but always caring.
* Practice:  Shift thoughts, reflect on feelings, change through actions.

What can you expect in the coaching engagement with Wai?

* Select strategic goals:  Discovered in 360 Interviews and Assessments.
* Meet every other week:  Allows time to experiment, iterate, integrate.
* My coaching approach is based on adult learning principles:  Action followed by Reflection to gain Insight that informs more effective Action.

How do you measure outcomes from coaching with Wai?

* We report on insights, visible to you but invisible to stakeholders.
* We report on actions from +6 mo. of learning applied to the real world.
* We report on results in the business due to your leadership impact.

What is not coaching?

* Not consulting, instead being a sounding board.
* Not therapy, rather coaching focusses on the future.
* Not training that’s general in the classroom, online, or from books vs. coaching is 1:1, customized, and personalized.

Next steps?

* Check:  Is there a need to accelerate your development?
* My clients are Directors and VPs, sponsored by their employers.
* Questions?  Contact 650-438-4633 or Wai@UnleashedLeaders.com.

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