Wai Poc, Executive Coach

Leadership Coach Coaching Career Consult Executive

Wai@UnleashedLeaders.com • 650-438-4633

Wai Poc is an executive coach, partnering with leaders to unleash their capacity to act.      Beyond thinking about it, having feelings about it, and talking about it:  Wai is focused on helping his clients get unstuck to move from hesitant inaction to spirited action.

Wai offers both challenge and support to his leaders, often at the same time.  Already successful, his clients are being asked to step up.  Their need now is to accelerate their growth in key areas:

  • Strategic Influence: building cross functional allies
  • Power and Politics: navigating up, down and across
  • Lead Change: scaling by leading leaders
  • Diversity: innovating with different views
  • Sustaining Resilience: balancing for well-being

Wai’s greatest delight is coaching clients who have big ideas for the product, business, and society.  Realizing audacious visions require strategic undertakings with direct reports, peers, external partners, the boss, boss’s peers, boss’s boss, funders, investors, and board members.  The higher up, the more complex web of relationships comprised of people – powerful stakeholders – with ideas, approaches, and agendas different than yours.  Who is competing? Who is collaborating?  Who is doing both?  How to decode?  How to respond?  How to influence?  Zoom out for perspective; zoom in to focus.  Then, be your sounding board on crucial conversations … to get big things done.

Partial list of client companies:  Google, X, Fb, LinkedIn, Nintendo, Zynga, Mozilla, Jumio, AnswerLab, Kaiser, Sutter Health, McKesson, SutroVax, Revance, BioMarin, Genentech, Theravance, SF Dept. of Health, Oliver Wyman, The Fed, Stanford’s School of Law

Instruments / Approaches:  LEAP 360, Korn Ferry Voices 360, MBTI, Insights, Enneagram, FIRO-B, StrengthsFinder, Drexler / Sibbet Team Performance Indicator, Thomas-Klimann Conflict Mode, 7PF, Lominger’s from CCL, Social Styles at Work, Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholders Centered Coaching

In Wai’s last in-house role, he worked at Genentech for over 10 years, partnering with leaders in Engineering, Ops, Research, G&A, Sales and Marketing, Product, and BD to:

  • Facilitate: succession planning for VPs and their global leadership teams
  • Consult: before, during, and after major reorganizations
  • Develop: teams of Directors and teams of VPs

At Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Wai is a Facilitator of OB 374, a top three course for MBAs to build substantive relationships … fast.  He has been a TA for OB 372 on leading high performance teams.  Currently, Wai coaches global CFOs through Exe Ed.

Born in Shanghai, raised in Miami, schooled at Stanford University, earned an MBA, certified in OD from Columbia University as well as in Coaching from NVW, working in Silicon Valley, Wai loves figuring out people.  Having majored in cultural anthropology,  diversity – in how people think, feel, and act – have long intrigued him.  To this day, he is a cultural adventurer, having traveled to +60 countries.

Wai practices a therapeutic form of martial arts, eats too much with his family in San Francisco, and provides snore-inducing massages to his dog Teddy Roosevelt and cat Geo.  Wai’s love of animals and nature ultimately brought him to writing a book-in-progress with his co-author, MacArthur Fellow, and renowned primate researcher, Patricia C. Wright, on Unleashed:  A Field Guide to Power and Politics at Work.

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