About You

About You 1
On the Edge of the Indian Ocean 2010

About Your Wants, possibly:

* Building allies:  the higher up, the more agendas and complex relationships.
* Accessing support:  from reports, peers, and senior leaders to help each other.
* Getting big things done:  requires integrating strategy, execution, and people.

About Your Needs, possibly:

* Accelerating development as a VP or Director, getting there better and faster.
* Using feedback to help great technical talent become awesome with people, too.
* Coaching to make personal changes that have team and organizational-wide impact.

About You, possibly:

* You wish for a trusted advisor to be your sounding board.
* You appreciate that your organization cannot grow unless you grow.
* You seek to breathe, lift out of the day-to-day, and be more strategic.


About You 2
South Coast, near Mombasa, Kenya 2010